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The terror in Heroes Of The Storm aka Li-Ming is now easier to defeat thanks to the latest patch released by Blizzard.

This patch should make a lot of players happy since Li-Ming, the game’s latest hero, received lots of balance tweaks to better represent her skill level.

Biggest changes for her is reducing the mana regeneration bonus for Astral Presence to trigger when below 25% mana, instead of 50%, as well as removing the Ess of Johan talent fully.

Rehgar, Anub’arak’s, and Stitches have also been balanced. The list of changes is given below:-


-Astral Presence (Talent)

  • Mana Regeneration bonus now only triggers while below 25% Mana, rather than 50%

-Diamond Skin (Talent)

  • Shield amount decreased from 25% to 20% of maximum Health

-Tal Rasha’s Elements (Talent)

  • Ability Power bonus decreased from 20% to 10%

-Magic Missiles (Q)

  • Damage reduced from 147 (+3.5% per level) to 147 (+3% per level)

-Arcane Orb (W)

  • Ess of Johan (Talent) removed
  • Triumvirate (Talent) – Distance traveled requirement reduced from 80% to 65% of maximum distance


-Lightning Shield (W)

  • Rising Storm (Talent) – Damage bonus reduced from 20% to 10% per stack, Maximum stacks increased from 10 to 20


-Hardened Carapace (W)

  • Shield amount increased from 242 (+4% per level) to 260 (+4% per level)


-Devour (E)

  • Cooldown reduction on kill decreased from 15 to 12 seconds