Hexa-core AMD Ryzen CPUs Might Be Possible

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Few days back, we reported that AMD won’t be releasing a 6-core processor in the Ryzen family. Surprisingly, a new report from io-tech.fi claims that the hexa-core variant might still be possible.

Before this, the 4-core and 8-core variants have been confirmed from various sources.

The website confirms that they have confirmed from an extremely reliable source that the AMD Ryzen CPU might be configured as a 6-core model. Read what he has to say:

We have confirmed from our sources that AMD’s upcoming Ryzen processor can be technically configured as 6-core model. It is possible to disable each CPU core separately together with dedicated L2 cache from CCX without affecting shared L3 cache.

Possible L3 cache configurations are 1/1 (8 MB), 1/2 (4 MB) or completely disabled. Basic rule is that both CCXs should have similar CPU core and L3 configuration for example both should have 3 cores and full 8 MB L3 cache enabled (6C & 16 MB L3). We believe AMD will launch 6-core model of Ryzen CPU. If they don’t, it will be due other reasons than technical limitation of CCX.

CEO Lisa Su recently confirmed that the Ryzen lineup will be launching this March. What do you think of a hexa-core AMD Ryzen model? Share you opinion.

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