Hitman 3 Gets Free Content with Easter Egg

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Hitman 3 is ready to get some excited free content soon. IO Interactive’s latest addition to Hitman 3 comes as the first Seasonal Event. It comes with an Easter Egg. Hitman 3 is playable on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Playing the latest addition gives you a chance to acquire an unlockable suit and you get to keep it forever. Hitman 3 Seasonal Event will feature the Berlin Egg Hunt. It will have all new objectives and targets. The game will have new decorations. The tasks will lead Berlin night club to a Easter egg hunt. Well it will also have poisonous eggs.

The March announcement also brings new for the Deluxe Edition owners. For you all, the final Deluxe Escalation Contract will arrive. It will have the Satu Mare Delirium acting as a call-back all the way to the original game, Hitman Codename 47. There will be rewards in the form of a Taunton Dart Gun, Straitjacket and Straitjacket Belt. A lot more is on the way for you with the new content release.