Hitman Episode 1 Paris Guide: Final Test Challenges

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Hitman Episode 1 released this year on 16 March. This new episode comes with three missions: a yacht, a military base and a very upscale party in Paris. Here we are with Hitman Episode 1 Paris final test challenges guide. Hitman Episode 1: Paris is about to the exclusive Sanguine fashion show. The player has to infiltrate the mansion, locate and take down Viktor Novikov and Dalia Margolis. They are the joint hosts of the fashion show.

Hitman Episode 1 Paris Guide: Final Test Challenges

The following is a video tutorial to finish a mission in the Final Test quest.

  1. In the right side of the map is a soldier uniform and the player needs to pick it up.
  2. In the bottom area of the map, the player needs to pick up the slides.
  3. Then the player must head upstairs to the projector.
  4. When Jasper is using the machine, the player needs to turn off the power. And after the colonel turns it back on, well, just have fun!

Hitman Silent Assassin Suit Only Trophy (A Light Headache Challenge)

This is a classic Hitman challenge for fun in the Final Test mission.

  1. The player needs to go to the bottom floor of the map.
  2. There will be a guard heading up to the second floor. Distract him.
  3. A lighting fixture is at the top of the roof. Head there.
  4. Get rid of the light killing Jasper using a crowbar there.

K-36D Trophy Achievement Guide (Mechanical Solutions + Flying Colors)

  1. Get the mechanic costume.
  2. Beside the jet, there are Exit Strategy plans. Read them.
  3. Sabotage the ejector seat with a wrench.
  4. Meet the target and tell him to BLOW UP!

Hitman Episode 1 Paris Wiki Guide: Final Test Challenges Guide

NameDescriptionChallenge Type
Silent AssassinAssassinate Jasper Knight. Only kill targets. Hide all bodies. Do not get spotted.Assassination
Mechanical SolutionsAssassinate Jasper Knight in an accident while disguised as a mechanic.Assassination
Death by ProxySet the KGB officer up to electrocute the target while he investigates the projector.Assassination
A Slide MistakeElectrocute Jasper Knight as he investigates the projector.Assassination
Drowning his SorrowsAssassinate Jasper Knight by drowning him.Assassination
Silent Assassin, Suit OnlyAssassinate Jasper Knight. Only kill targets. Hide all bodies. Do not get spotted. Do it all without using disguises.Assassination
A Light HeadacheAssassinate Jasper Knight with a spotlight.Assassination
Flying ColorsAssassinate Jasper Knight in an ejector seat accident.Assassination
Indiscriminate SecurityAssassinate Jasper Knight with a pistol while disguised as a security guard.Assassination
Sweeping Snow in SiberiaAssassinate Jasper Knight with an assault rifle while disguised as a Soviet Soldier.Assassination
Security BreachDisguise yourself as a security guard.Discovery
A Slide ShowFind the slides.Discovery
No-one Notices a Grease MonkeyDisguise yourself as a mechanic.Discovery
You are the Colonel nowDisguise yourself as the KGB colonel.Discovery
Armed InsurrectionDisguise yourself as a Soviet Soldier.Discovery
Moscow CallingDisguise yourself as the KGB colonel. Escort the target.Discovery
Safety FirstSabotage the ejector seat.Discovery
Nash Z’darove!Deliver the vodka. Do not get spotted.Discovery
Safe ConductPlay the projector slides.Discovery
Fallen ComradesSolve the chess puzzle.Discovery
Sick to his StomachUse an emetic poison to make Jasper Knight sick.Discovery
Fast and LowExamine Jasper Knight’s exit strategy.Discovery
No EvidenceAssassinate Jasper Knight. Ensure no bodies are discovered.Feats
Suit OnlyAssassinate Jasper Knight. Complete the mission without changing disguises.Feats
ChameleonEquip all disguises in the level.Feats


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