For Honor Guide: How To Guard Break And Counter It

For Honor Guide: How To Guard Break And Counter

In For Honor, you to play the roles of historical soldiers like knights, samurais and vikings in a third-person perspective. This guide is about how to Guard Break And Counter it. Ubisoft’s For Honor released in Feb 2017.

Guard Break and Counter Guard Break are important techniques in the game. The former pushes you forward to attack the enemy while the latter stuns the enemy so that you can escape from the oncoming attack. The guide will show how to use these two techniques optimally in the game.

How To Guard Break And Counter It


  • First press the X button on Xbox One and Square button on PS4.
  • This will either kick or shove your enemy to make them lose the block so you can easily attack the enemy.
  • However, do this only if the enemy is not carrying a weapon.
  • Also note that the same button is used for throwing the enemy so keep track of the enemy’s positions to suit your situation.


  • Execute your own guard break just before the enemy executes his attack.
  • This will cancel the enemy’s guard break.
  • Timing is essential here so don’t expect it to work perfectly in the first go.
  • Take your time and practice this move until you master it.