Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: Cauldron Locations

Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: Cauldron Locations

Horizon Zero Dawn, developed by Guerrilla Games, released worldwide in Feb 2017 for PS4. You play this open world game as Aloy. This guide specifies the Cauldron Locations. This will help you locate all the dungeons in Horizon Zero Dawn.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, machines are created in a special areas and these special areas are called Cauldrons. When you locate the Cauldrons, you get valuable loot, high-level machines and more. The Cauldron dungeons can help you unlock new overrides for your spear.

Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron Locations

There are five Horizon Zero Dawn Cauldron Dungeons in the game and each of them unlocks new overrides for your spear.

Cauldron Sigma

  • Located in the North of Mother’s Crown..
  • Either fight or avoid the guards playing stealth.
  • If you find jumping to the platform a problem, then jump to catch the assembly line of the machine hovering overhead and get on. Then ride to the next destination.
  • Collect all the loots from glowing pyramids and Metal Shards.
  • On reaching the end, before you get down, take down large machine, energy shield and guards patrolling the perimeter.
  • Then come down and climb any of the pillars and use the staff to start the override. This will set the Fire Bellowback in the center free.
  • The Fire Bellowback body, being weak against freeze damage, target the cargo sac on its back and curved throat area in order to make some damage.
  • The next thing after you take down the Fire Bellowback, is to override the terminal located at the center of the area.
  • New machines to override will be unlocked.

Overrides unlocked:

  1. Grazer
  2. Scrapper
  3. Lancehorn
  4. Sawtooth

Cauldron XI

  • Located in the Southwesternmost part of the map, directly south of Meridian.
  • You need to take down human cultist enemies with well-placed headshots while sticking to weeds.
  • Then look for the pillar at the center to override. Next job is to protect the pillar for nearly 2 minutes as machines and cultists will find your location.
  • While the cultists and machines fight each other, you need to take down the leader with a strong weapon first. Then you have to get the weapon and use it against humans and machine.
  • Hold them for nearly 2 minutes and then you can override the pillar to get some new machines to override.

Overrides unlocked:

  1. Glinthawk
  2. Stalker
  3. Fire Bellowback
  4. Freeze Bellowback
  5. Behemoth

Cauldron ZETA

  • Located in the Northwest Corner of the map, just the southeast of Maker’s End.
  • The front door will be having an energy wall.
  • Find the a rock pillar and climb it to get to the cave opening at the top. This will take you to the Cauldron Zeta.
  • Keeping moving until you come across the Thunderjaw. Then fight the guards on the ground level of the boss area first. Use the Tearblast Arrows to take down the boss.
  • Use Tearblast Arrow, light up the two-disc launchers on its back. Then pick them up and use them against him.
  • It is important that to take down Thunderjaw, you land as many disc launcher shots as possible.

Override Unlocked:

  1. Rockbreaker
  2. Stormbird
  3. Thunderjaw

Cauldron RHO

  • Located in the South of the center of the map, East of the Greatlands Camp.
  • While you are in the platforming department, you need to shoot with an arrow, at the rotating wheels in the center, on the walls son that they start running in the opposite direction.
  • Use stealth mode and avoid the Sawtooths patrolling the halls.
  • Look out for an override portal at the base of the gate so that the energy gate. This is help you get to the next chamber.
  • Next you need to get to the second level and ride rotating wheel, any rotating wheel, to the next level. And you should definitely pick some healing plants on your way.
  • Finally when you get to the chamber, you will see that there are some Snapmaws in the energy shield.
  • Fight them by tagging blaze canisters with tearaway arrows and then use fire arrows to make them explode.
  • Then just climb up the pillar located at the center and override to get the new overridable machines.

Overrides Unlocked:

  1. Longleg
  2. Shell-Walker
  3. Trampler
  4. Ravager
  5. Snapmaw

Cauldron PSI

Overrides Unlocked:

  1. Watcher
  2. Red-eye watcher
  3. Tallneck
  4. Strider
  5. Charger
  6. Broadhead