Horizon: Zero Dawn Guide: Crafting Resources Farming Locations

Horizon Zero Dawn Guide: Crafting Resources Farming Locations

Horizon Zero Dawn is an open world RPG game. Horizon Zero Dawn, developed by Guerrilla Games, released worldwide in Feb 2017 for PS4. You play this open world game as Aloy. Here in this guide we will find the crafting resources farming locations in the game. Finding the resources locations will be very helpful in surviving difficult situations in the game. So let’s find out the locations.

In Horizon Zero Dawn, you will find five kinds of crafting resources which can be used for many purposes like doing trade with merchants, ammunition crafting, etc.

Horizon Zero Dawn Crafting Resources Farming Locations

Horizon Zero Dawn Crafting Resistance Potions

Corruption Glaze Root
Can be found in the wilderness and merchants.

Fire Kiln Root
Located in the wilderness.

Horizon Zero Dawn Crafting Resources for Ammunition

Can be found on all the trees in the game. Use them for crafting ammo and some you can save for trading with the merchant.

Used for crafting freeze ammunition, this resource can be found on Sawtooth, Snapmaw, Behemoth, Stormbird, Ravager, Lancehorn, Glinthawk, Freeze Bellowback, and Thunderjaw.

Comes handy in firing blast and Fire ammo. Located on machines like Rockbreaker, Stormbird, Strider, Grazer, Broadhead, Fire Bellowback, Snapmaw, and Thunderjaw.

You can use this to craft corruption ammo. Located on Deathbringer, Merchants, Corrupted Machines, Corruptor.

Echo Shell
Used to craft Tear ammunition. Found on Longleg, Rockbreaker, Stormbird, Thunderjaw, Behemoth Stalker, Merchants.

Found on machine and merchant back home. This is used to craft Shock ammo.

Horizon Zero Dawn Salable Items

Ancient Ring
You can find it in the Ancient Ruins.

Reflective Ancient Charm
It can be located only on humans.

Ancient Toothpick
Look for it in the Ancient Ruins.

Desert Glass
Only on humans.

Watcher Lens
You can find it only on Watchers.

Sawtooth Heart
Found only on Sawtooth.