How a PEO Company Can Find You New Talent

How a PEO Company Can Find You New Talent

HR responsibilities are challenging and time-consuming for small business owners, and this is why many choose to outsource these responsibilities to a service such as a professional employer organization (PEO). A PEO company can help small business owners with various HR challenges, like employee benefits, rising HR costs, employment law compliance, and outdated HR technology. 

Some PEO companies can also help small business owners with attracting and recruiting top talent.  Recruiting and retaining candidates is challenging in today’s economic world, but PEOs can help enhance acquiring talent and hiring new employees for small businesses. Here are some ways that a PEO company can find new talent for your business.

Shaping Job Descriptions

If job descriptions don’t contain enough information, candidates won’t apply, and if they have mistakes, or are misleading, you can jeopardize your business brand and the experience for the candidate. Small business owners may not have the in-house resources and recruiting experience required. A PEO company and its team of recruiters have the knowledge and expertise to write job descriptions that attract candidates. 

Effectively Advertise

A challenge for small business owners was maybe trying to decide how and where they are going to advertise any open positions that will hopefully attract the right candidates. A PEO company makes the advertising of open positions a much simpler process for business owners. A PEO company’s recruiting team places your jobs in the appropriate and best locations for each post. For a small business owner, this opens your open position to more candidates and helps attract and hire the best person for the job. 

Access to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

ATS is a fundamental recruiting technology, and it takes time to learn, and the cost may be too expensive for a small business owner if they aren’t hiring numerous people every month. A PEO company gives your small business access to an ATS, which ultimately improves the process of recruiting and the experience for any candidate.

Source and Qualify Candidates

Finding quality candidates who are the right fit for your business can be challenging and time-consuming, which is difficult for a small business owner who has multiple responsibilities to look after. A PEO company frees up your time by sourcing and qualifying potential candidates, screening them, and ensuring they have the necessary skills and experience for the job. 

Positive Candidate Experience

Today’s job market is competitive, and giving candidates a positive experience is essential. A large corporation has the overflow for recruiting teams and technology that is solely dedicated to providing job seekers with a positive experience throughout the application and hiring process. A PEO company can help you by making it easy and convenient for candidates to apply for a job and by staying in touch with quality candidates on behalf of your business through the hiring process. 

Resources & Tips

A PEO company will provide your business with recruiting-related material that helps improve the process, such as how-to guides, hiring strategy ideas, educational materials, recruiting documents, offer letter and job requisition templates, compliance guidelines, and access to experienced recruiting professionals. These resources provided by a PEO company help business owners become more familiar with the best practices and strategies for recruiting, which helps with growth and prepares for future hiring needs.


A PEO does provide a variety of HR solutions to small business owners, but it also helps with recruitment troubles. With recruiting top talent getting more complicated, the services provided by a PEO company help your small business stay competitive in the search. You can learn more about working with PEO services on Retire at 21.