How to build a solid YouTube brand without spending much money

How to build a solid YouTube brand without spending much money

I know you’re probably thinking that if you want to build a solid brand or presence on YouTube, you better have money. 

First, of all, you have to get the right video scripts. These aren’t free. Either you spend money on them or you have to sit down and put in the time to write them out. It also goes without saying that you have to produce solid videos from these scripts.

Just as important, you need to buy Youtube views from BUYSMM on your videos to push engagement. This can lead to your video drawing more organic traffic.

Well, there’s a lot of truth to that because a lot of brands on YouTube are able to establish a solid footprint in no time flat because they have the right budget. I’m not just talking about spending money on YouTube likes, YouTube views, and other forms of engagement. While social proof does play a big role in getting an initial critical mass of organic traffic going, there’s a lot more going on. 

You have to look at the big picture. If it were just a case of you throwing money at the problem, there will be a lot more successful brands on YouTube. Obviously, this is not the case. The reason why this is not happening, despite the big budgets of some players, is because they did not put the right video in front of the right eyeballs to produce the right reactions that will have long-lasting results, as far as their brands go. 

I know that’s kind of a mouthful but there’s a lot to pack into that statement. Because you have to break down that statement to different parts and you have to wrap your mind around those parts. The key here, ultimately, is branding. 

Things have to be lined up the right way. Otherwise, they won’t work out. Unfortunately, a lot of otherwise sophisticated and well-funded brands are completely blind to this. They think that they can just crank out one video after another and they’re good to go. 

To be successful, you have to listen to your audience. In many cases, you have to let your audience create your video for you. You’re probably tearing your hair out right now because you might be thinking how ridiculous this idea sounds. After all, you probably already know about diluted brands where the audience members have actually been given power by the company behind the brand to shape that brand. 

As you probably already know, oftentimes, this leads to unforeseen results. It doesn’t have to play out that way.  Simply giving people the perception that they have some sort of power to shape your brand, is often enough. 

Believe it or not, when it comes to brand incentives or online incentives, money is barely in the top 10. In fact, it’s usually not in the top 10. You know what always ranks up there? Moral or symbolic incentives. 
Armed with this information, empower your audience members, regardless of how big, to become coworkers with you in shifting, creating, crafting, and reinventing your brand. All these are crucial to effective social media marketing. It takes a lot of work and it’s definitely not going to happen overnight, but it’s definitely worth doing.