How to Create an Invention in 2020: The Ultimate Guide for Modern Inventors

How to Create an Invention in 2020: The Ultimate Guide for Modern Inventors

The title “inventor” makes any regular Joe sound like a creative genius. Everyone wants to be a successful inventor, and never has there been a better time to become one than in this modern age.

However, dreaming of the successes of a great invention and actually striving to become one are two different things. The hard truth is that you have to put in some serious work to become the inventor you desire to be, or else your desires will continue to remain a dream.

Sounds like a challenge…but you were already prepared for this.

The problem is not getting active, it’s knowing how to play the game correctly. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place. This article will go in-depth on how to take your idea and turn it into a worthy invention. Keep reading to find out more!

Invention or Innovation? Learn the Difference

You may have heard of these two terms thrown around quite a bit these last few years, especially when it comes to big businesses touting their inventory. Although these words sound similar and are often used interchangeably, they do have different meanings that you’ll want to watch out for.

To keep things simple, an invention is an idea that’s come to life, whereas innovation is when an invention is not only successful, but is a gamechanger for consumers or in the business industry. All innovative assets started as inventions, but not every invention is worthy of being called innovative.

The question you need to ask yourself is this: are you making an invention that’s going to truly change things for the people, for businesses, or maybe even the world, or are you creating something that’s designed to suit you and those in your particular niche? You’ll want to be thoughtful about your project and make sure it does what you really intend for it to do.

Make Sure It’s New and Inventive

Hey, it’s called an invention, after all.

Your idea must be something new. If you’re copying something that’s already been done, there will be no patent waiting for you at the finish line. It must also be inventive, meaning that a person skilled in the art or field you’re inventing for couldn’t readily come up with the same solution as you. You have to be groundbreaking, and if others can break the same ground as you with the tools they already have…well, you haven’t accomplished much.

The Invention Is Industry Ready

The last thing is that your invention must be ready for the industry. In other words, it must be easy to create the invention en mass and comply with the standards established in that industry. It also needs to be cost-efficient so companies can replicate it without going broke.

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More of What You Need to Know

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