How to Download and Install Windows 11, 3 Methods to Choose From

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Windows 11 arrived on October 5, 2021, and you can now start updating your operating system to the new version. This Windows 11 guide will provide you 3 methods on how to download and install Windows 11.

First of all, you should check that your PC meets the minimum requirements for using Windows 11. Otherwise, you have no choice but to stay with Windows 10. One of the most controversial is the need for you to have the TPM 2.0 module. Trusted Platform Module is what it stands for and is a must for moving up to Win 11.

Once you check that, there are two steps to install Windows 11 on your PC for free. If you already have Windows 10, update your computer via Windows Update or directly download the ISO that Microsoft makes available to all.

Install Windows 11 via Windows Update

Windows 11 will progressively reach all users on Windows Update. So it is likely that you may already have it available. Otherwise, you have no choice but to wait if you decide to wait for the operating system to arrive in this way.

To check if you can already update to Windows 11 from Windows Update, do the following:

  • Press the Windows + Q keys, type Windows Update, and enter that option.
  • Now click on “check for updates,” and it is a matter of waiting a few seconds to see if the possibility of installing Windows 11 appears to update your PC.

Install Windows 11 via official ISO

Microsoft has made the official Windows 11 ISO available to users so that anyone can perform a clean installation from scratch on their computer. It is a 64-bit version in English. Follow the below given steps to download it:

  • Enter the web that we leave you just below.

Web: Official ISO Windows 11

  • Then go to the bottom where it says “download Windows 11 disk image (ISO)”, select Windows 11 and click on “download.”
  • Now it will ask you for the language, choose “English,” and click on confirm. In a few moments, the download of the ISO will begin, which may take several minutes depending on the Internet speed you have contracted.

Once you have the ISO, you need to follow the steps to burn the ISO on a flash drive with the UltraISO utility.

  1. You need a flash drive, from which you will install Windows 11.
  2. Download the UltraISO utility.
    If you do not need “third-party” software, then you can use the Windows Installation Assistant.
  3. Select File -> Open in it and select the downloaded ISO file.
  4. After downloading and running the utility, select Burn hard disk image.
  5. Select the inserted USB flash drive and click Write.
  6. You reboot the computer, go to the BIOS and choose to boot from a USB flash drive.
  7. Save it and restart the computer.

Your PC will now boot from the USB stick. You can start installing Windows 11. Make sure that you return the computer startup to the disk on which you installed the OS.

Install Windows 11 Using the Windows 11 installation wizard.

The best option is if you do not have Windows 11 available in Windows Update. Or you do not want to download the ISO manually is to use the update wizard to update your Windows 10 PC to the new version. This software is also responsible for letting you know if it is compatible.

It is a way of forcing the installation of Windows 11 as it is a wizard. Everything goes through very well indicated and explained steps in detail, where you can perform an installation comfortably and without any problem, as long as your computer is compatible.

  • Download Windows 11 Setup Wizard

Once downloaded, it is a matter of following the steps, and in a few minutes, you should have Windows 11 installed. In any case, it is preferable to perform a clean installation with the steps indicated above and then use a key to activate Windows and then buy it.


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