How to Fix Number Pad Not Working

Windows 10 Guide

Well keyboard numpad not working is pretty common problem. It can be really frustrating if you are in a hurry in completing certain task. So here we are going to find out how to fix number pad not working issue. But even if something is not that urgent keyboard number pad not working is not good. Both or either of the number pad on top of the qwerty or the numpad on the right of the keyboard can be stuck or not working. So what can we do to fix it? First we have to understand the issue can be as a result of many different reasons. It may be due to some setting changes in the keyboard settings. Sometimes it is due to hardware issue. We will see different solutions to address the problem so that you can fix keyboard number pad not working issue quickly.

Let’s get to the solutions. There are three different possible solutions provided below to address the problem.

How to Fix Number Pad Not Working

Solution 1:

The simplest solution first. Before going to anything complex, changing the USB port being used. In this method, first turn off your PC. Then unplug or remove the keyboard from the USB port it is connected. Now dust can possibly be one of the reasons of number pad not functioning. Clean the dust in the USB input of the keyboard. If it’s clean, then proceed to next step. Now connect the USB input of the keyboard to a different port. This should fix the issue if dust was the culprit or there was problem with the port being used. Start your PC and check.

Solution 2

Moving on to solution 2 in case the solution mentioned above didn’t work out. The second solution involves work with the keyboard drivers. Here is what you have to do. Open Run by pressing Win + R keys or right click on Start and click on Device Manager. Now in Run, enter devmgmt.msc and press Enter. This will open up the Device Manager which will have all the devices listed out. From there look out for Keyboards and click on the expand icon to open up the sub sections under Keyboards. Here you have to right click on the keyboard having num pad problem and then in the context menu that opens up, select Uninstall. Click ok and done. Now you have to reboot the PC and the drivers will be downloaded and installed by Windows. Then check whether you still got the issue.

Solution 3

We are at the third solution. If dust in keyboard USB input or keyboard drivers were not the cause for the problem, this solution may be the one to fix numpad. This fix involves Ease of Access Center option.

 Ease of Access

Now here can be the settings that have cause the number pad to stop functioning in the usual manner. The Turn on Mouse Keys option can be the reason. Let’s get into details. Go to Start and type Ease of access center. Then open the result that comes up with the given name. Now click on Make the keyboard easier to use. Now checkbox for Turn on Mouse Keys option is checked or not. Uncheck it if it’s not already. Then click Apply and the OK. Close the window and reboot the PC and the issue should be fixed.

If still you are facing the number pad not working problem then it could be because of the hardware issue. The only option is to get a new keyboard. That’s all from how to fix number pad not working guide. You may like to check out how to fix Netflix not working on Xbox One.