How to Install μTorrent

How to Install μTorrent

If you conclude that you want to use μTorrent, first it’s required to install the source file on your PC. It’s a torrent client that unclose and download data registered in a file with the extension «*.torrent». You also need a torrent file that encompasses info about file you want to download. It can be downloaded from the Web, from different torrent trackers. If you don’t know the addresses of tracker sites, exploit the Internet. Go to Google or Yandex and enter a search query: “download (the title of the file) torrent”. Open one of the found sites and download the torrent file from there.

Download the program only from the official site. Since there were cases when on some other sites in the guise of μTorrent the archives containing viruses and Trojans or else requiring money (SMS) for installation were detected.

When you install μTorrent, you don’t need to configure anything, you can leave it all by default, but it’s recommended to remove the mark on the proposal to install the Good Robots service. μTorrent also offers to install “Yandex.Bar” and other services of “Yandex” – remove the daws from the corresponding checkboxes, if you don’t need it. There can be some other suggestions for installing any extraneous services – it’s a common knowledge in free programs.

How to Install μTorrent

After the program is installed, you need to run it. The program looks like this: on the left – different sections, on the right – information, on the top – menu.

There are a lot of different articles and FAQs on setting up μTorrent, however, it’s not necessary to delve into, especially if you don’t understand what is it.

The only thing you need to do is go to the Settings item and call the Setup Assistant. It’s very important for the torrent client to configure the parameters of the Internet channel – otherwise, the client can create problems when working with the Internet.

The essence of the setting is that the program will determine which channel you have for input and output, then set such parameters for downloading and uploading, so that it won’t bother you to work with the Internet.

How to Install μTorrent

When you open the Setup Assistant, you will see a pop-up window. Choose the nearest city (in Europe the choice is extremely limited, but you can choose, for example, Paris or Amsterdam) and click on the Test button.

According to the results of the test, the program will give its recommendations on tuning the channel. In the “Rate of return” section it will put your speed – the parameters under it will be automatically adjusted.

If there are any problems with the test, then in the “Rate of return” simply put your channel speed (you can always ask your provider about it), then click the Save and Close buttons.

After that, it makes sense to go to Settings – Folders and there to expose your folders to clearly know where and what you are downloading.

In order to begin exploiting this program, you have to go to the torrent tracker.

Torrent tracker is a site on which info about files uploaded for downloading is accumulated. This can be a normal list, in which you will have to focus on file names, but there are advanced trackers in which you can find a lot of useful info about the files posted – for example, the movie gives casting, annotation, info on the number of audio tracks and subtitles, screenshots so that you can determine the quality, and so on and so forth.

Some torrent trackers don’t require to be registered: just select the file you need, click on it – and your torrent client starts to download it.

There are torrent trackers, which, firstly, require registration, and secondly, they can monitor your so-called rating – the ratio of downloaded and distributed info. And if you actively pump, but give out a little, you may be a subject to some restrictions, and in some cases, they will simply close your registration.

So, the main thing is to reach equilibrium in the ratio of downloaded and distributed information. And you’ll have an opportunity to fully enjoy this program.