How to Mount Windows 10 System Drive on Linux

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In love with Linux, but want to try Windows 10 too. Well you may need to install Windows 10 while you keep using Linux. Here is the to guide you will find out how to mount Windows 10 system drive on linux. Just follow the steps below.

How to Mount Windows 10 System Drive on Linux

  1. Restart your Windows PC instead of Shut down. 
  2. Permanently disable Hybrid Boot.
    1. Boot into Windows
    2. Open Control Panel
    3. Click Hardware and Sound
    4. Then click Change what the power buttons do under Power Options.
    5. Click the Change settings that are currently unavailable link. It will be present  on the top-right corner of the pop-up window
    6. Uncheck Turn on fast start-up (recommended) option
    7. Click Save changes
  3. Next we have to remove the Hiberfile.sys file from Linux
      1. Open applications menu
      2. Search for Disks
      3. Launch the Disks application
      4. Select the drive containing Windows system partition
      5. Select Windows system partition (NTFS Partition) on that drive.
      6. Click the gear icon below the partition
      7. Select Edit Mount Options
      8. Disable Automatic Mount Options setting at the top of the window
      9. Then type


        in the mount options box

      10. Click OK
      11. Now enter your password

Now mount the partition by clicking it in the Nautilus file manager. It will be mounted normally. Then you can proceed. That’s all about how to mount Windows 10 System Drive on Linux. Check out how to install Microsoft PowerShell in Linux.