How to reset Google Chromecast Dongle

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Google Chromecast needs a reset because it got frozen or if you are shifting to a new area. You need to reset it to factory settings which is also termed as factory data reset (FDR) on the Chromecast.

#Note Before you proceed with the reset, please note that the Google dongle will lose all of your data once you reset.

There are two method doing a factory reset of your Google Chromecast dongle. Here we are talking about the Google Chromecast dongle 2015.

  • Through the Chromecast app
  • Hard reset of the Chromecast dongle

How to reset Google Chromecast Dongle

  • Through Chromecast App
  1. Open the Chromecast app on your Android/ iOS device
  2. Find the Chromecast device that you need to reset
  3. Go to Settings [ presented at the top right hand corner ]
  4. Go to More option [ three dots stacked on top of each other]
  5. For iOS device, select Reset. For Android device, select Factory reset Chromecast
  6. Confirm when prompted
  • Through Chromecast dongle
  1. While the Chromecast dongle is plugged into the TV, hold down the side button on the dongle
  2. Keep holding the button till the light turn white [initially it will blink orange, then turn white ]
  3. Now release the button
  4. Your Chromecast will be rebooted