Filter iloveitaly Organic Spam from Google Analytics

iloveitaly organic spam

So, over the past few days, if you noticed a weird search keyword in you Google Analytics report, you are not the only one. Webmasters around the world are being spammed using this method. Actually, the exact keyword looks like this “beat with a shovel the weak google spots”. It’s nothing but some guy targeting random websites to drive traffic to his Mozilla Firefox addon page. So nobody is specifically targeted. If you are the victim of such spamming, read on. Google certainly offers a workaround for this kind of problem. Let’s see how to tackle iloveitaly organic spam

  1. Open your Google Analytics account and go to Admin tab
  2. Under that, select the View you want to filter and and click Filters
  3. Select “New Filter”
  4. Enter a Filter Name such as keyword spam
  5. Select Filter Type as Custom
  6. Selecy Campaign Term in Filter Field under Exclude
  7. Now enter the following expression in Filter Pattern

    ilovevitaly|sexyali||ghost spam||

  8. Save.

That’s it. You just got rid of the iloveitaly spam and with that also a number of other organic spams. But there’s still data in your Google Analytics report. In there any way to remove that? Yes. Follow the steps.

  1. Go to Reporting tab
  2. In the left side, expand Acquisition, then All Traffic and click Referrals
  3. Click on +Add Segments above the graph
  4. Click New Segments
  5. Below Advanced section, select Conditions and set Filter as Exclude
  6. Change Ad Content to Medium and contains for “exactly matches” and type and select Organic
  7. Click on AND
  8. Change Ad Content to Source and contains to “matches regex” and paste the following text

    ilovevitaly|sexyali||ghost spam

    Enter a name for the segment

  9. Save. Done!

So you will see the spam data is now filtered and is no longer being shown on the reports.

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