Intel’s Optane SSD Promises Insane Read-Write Times

Intel's Optane SSD Promises Insane Read-Write Times

People familiar with the topic already know that a high speed SSD is under development at Intel and Micron. Intel has now shed some light on the specifications of the upcoming product.

According to them, Intel Optane SSD will have insane read-write speeds of 2400MB/s and 2000MB/s. This clearly means that it goes head to head with Samsung’s 960 Pro SSD. The revolutionary new invention in the storage devices market is said to have a capacity of 375 GB.

There aren’t any benchmarks available right now. So, it would be difficult to state whether it will deliver ideal performance when queue depth is 1.

Based on early reports, Intel Optane SSD is expected to have an above than average price tag. This is obvious looking at the performance boost it promises over normal SSDs.

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