iOS 17: The Biggest New Features You Need to Know About

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What's New in iOS 17? Check Out 15 New Features
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WWDC announcement of iOS 17 along with other major Apple products’ upgrades sparked excitement among iPhone users. Are you thinking what’s new in iOS17? Then check out iOS 17: The Biggest New Features You Need to Know About. The operating system is in beta testing as of now. It will expected to be available to public in September 2023.

iOS 17: The Biggest New Features You Need to Know About

Although there are several new features coming with the latest iOS 17 release, here we are listing out 15 new features:

NameDrop feature

As the name suggests this can be a huge help for those of you who hate typing, even names. Yes, this new feature autocompletes contact names as you start typing.

New security feature in iOS 17

Security and privacy are the most important factors users are looking for. With the new security features coming in iOS 17 you will need to provide Face ID or Touch ID to access private browsing. The autofill of passwords feature is coming with autofill protection. Not only this, you will even get notified in case the passwords get misused or compromised.

Mood tracking and journaling feature in iOS 17

A beautiful new feature to promote health and happiness is coming to the new OS. A new Health app feature is arriving dedicated to users’ mood tracking. It also will include journaling features.

Shared AirTags feature in iOS 17

Keeping tack of your things is one of the main concern while traveling. Now you will get a feature to share AirTags with others that will ultimately help you know about the whereabouts of all your belongings.

Live Voicemail feature in iOS 17

Amazing new feature I will say. You don’t need to listen to your voicemails anymore. Well that is in case you want to read them instead. That’s right now you will be able to read the voice mails as and when they arrive. All thanks to the new feature which will transcribe them in real time.

Standby mode feature

Excellent new feature that saves the battery. The standby feature will reduce the phone’s backrground activity when you are not using it and thus giving a longer battery life.

Interactive widgets feature in iOS 17

Widgets that can used without unlocking the phone. An exciting thing to use, fox example playing music.

New Messages feature in iOS 17

Now searching for messages by location, creating animated stickers and much more coming soon.

New Safari feature in iOS 17

Safari is finally getting some major new updates. These include: autofill of email verification codes, and also the feature to clean up them automatically. Safari will now even have multiple tabs in a stack.

New accessibility feature

iOS 17 will also give a boost to accessibility features. Some of them are:

  • Use Live Captions to see captions for audio in real time.
  • Use Voice Control to control your iPhone.
  • Use Switch Control to control your iPhone with a switch.

Improved AirPods feature in iOS 17

Tired of losing your AirPods? Well help is here. The new OS will bring Find My feature. It will let you track and find them in case they’re lost. Another great new aspect coming up is Conversion Boost. It can be pretty annoying to speak with people when they are conversing amidst a crowd or a rather loud environment. But worry not. With this new noise reduction feature, you will be able to hear them clearly.

Improved Maps feature

Maps are getting some major new updates. These includes:

  • You will be able to see live traffic conditions.
  • You will also be able to get directions to several destinations at the same time.
  • Even before you get to a place, it will be possible to check how crowded it is.

These are just a few of the major new options coming.