Kamiya: Scalebound Co-op Works Throughout The Campaign, Not Just A Separate Mode

Xbox One and PC Exclusive Scalebound's Cancellation; Producer Leaves Company

Platinum Games have been very busy at this year with a number of releases and announcements. Scalebound, an upcoming RPG from the Japanese developer was shown off at E3 this month. The game is slated for a 2017 release on PC and Xbox One.

The new gameplay demo showed off a boss fight being played in co-op mode. The gameplay looked pretty much similar to the DmC franchise with RPG elements.

Developer Hideki Kamiya has now shared some interesting information regarding how the Co-op mode of the game. According to Kamiya, Scalebound’s Co-op feature won’t be separate mode and can be played throughout the campaign.

Read what Hideki Kamiya said in his statement below:

“Co-op works throughout the campaign. You can play by yourself if you’d like to. You can play with your friends whenever you like. It’s not a mode — a lot of people have asked us if it’s just for bosses, but it’s for the entire game’s campaign.”

You can check out the E3 2016 gameplay of Scalebound below.