Keeping Your Instagram Away from Hackers: 5 Tips You Should Know

Keeping Your Instagram Away from Hackers: 5 Tips You Should Know

There are many ways that social media hackers can get into your Instagram. Keep reading to find out how you can protect your account.

Social media is more popular than ever. Within the last twenty years, it has literally changed the way that billions of people around the world live their lives and interact with others.

One of the dangers of this powerful new technology is the fact that your information isn’t always safe. Social media hackers work day and night to invalid your privacy. This means it’s increasingly important that you understand how to protect yourself.

This article takes a look at tips for protecting your Instagram account from hackers. Keep reading to discover valuable insights into making sure that your privacy remains private.

1. Be Cautious About Opening External Links

The more time you spend on Instagram, the more external links you’re likely to encounter and click on. Here’s a word of advice: be extremely cautious about clicking on those external links.

Why? Because many external links contain harmful codes that can hack your passwords, thus gaining access to your account and personal information.

The impulse to not look at an external link might seem hard to resist, and yet the best policy for protecting your privacy is to only open external links on pages that you know you can trust.

2. Avoid Posting Instagrams Pics From Other Platforms

Another danger on Instagram is to post views from other platforms. Perhaps you’re exploring the web with an internet browser and find a pic you’d like to share on your Instagram account. This is a dangerous practice.

Again, hackers love to use this tactic to unleash dangerous codes into the accounts of unsuspecting users.

These codes tap into your information and use it for all sorts of illegal activities such as stealing your identity. So keep this in mind the next time you see a funny picked you’d like to share.

3. Don’t Follow Sketchy-Looking Profiles

It’s also important to resist the impulse to follow just anyone. For example, an account that appears to belong to your favorite celebrity might actually be a dummy account owned by a hacker.

These types of accounts are constantly looking to gain access to unsecured accounts in order to steal private info and create havoc.

Keep an eye out for profile pages containing lots of external links, a low number of followers, or a lack of recent activity.

4. Keep Your Profile Private

It might sound boring to keep your Instagram profile private, and yet this is one of the top tips for protecting your privacy from hackers. When your account is private, users must send you a request to follow you. This gives you the power to pick and choose exactly who has access to your posts.

Or you could consider using a private Instagram viewer.

5. Always Pay Attention 

The key to protecting the information contained on your Instagram account is to be vigilant about how you interact with other users. If someone seems untrustworthy, don’t hesitate to block them. 

Never reply to Direct Messages from unknown profiles, or comment on posts of profiles you’re unfamiliar with.

Tips For Protection Your Instagram Account From Social Media Hackers

Keeping yourself safe from social media hackers isn’t easy. Fortunately, the tips contained here can help.

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