Latest Prey Trailer Sends Mystery Towards Players; “Only Yu can Save the world”

First Prey Gameplay Trailer Showcases Space Station

The upcoming Arkane studio game, Prey is about to be released in just a month and Bethesda has already released another trailer, teasing players about the mysteries of the Prey world.

By the trailer, we can conclude that the main character you will play as will be Morgan Yu; you can still choose the gender but it won’t define who Morgan Yu is, or will be, but your chosen actions will. You can play as both the Antagonist as well as the Protagonist in game, whether you help to save other human survivors or let them perish.

What Morgan does to respond to the aliens invading the station matters. All of these things contribute to different permutations of end games that we have, so it matters that way. But it also matters how the other characters respond to you and how they treat you. And it’s exactly what will define Morgan in the end.

Prey will be released for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.