Law Breakers will Run at 60 FPS on The PlayStation 4 – Gears of War Creator Says Cross-play is “Dumb”

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The creator of Gears of War, Cliff Bleszinski is already working on his latest release. Law Breakers is an arena First Person Shooter (FPS) game with some seriously tempting  features.

While the game is currently in closed beta for the PC, a press release confirmed that the game will also be launching for the PlayStation 4 along with on Windows PC.

There is only a small number of games which are currently running at 60 FPS on the consoles. According to CliffyB, Law Breakers will run at a smooth 60 FPS on the PlayStation 4. Replying to a user, he confirmed this via twitter.

A good sum of the PC and Console gamers have asked to get cross-play between the platforms. Some would argue it would be a good thing in certain games while others will vote against it. CliffyB also has something to say about Cross-play and it’s not what a lot of the people want to hear.

It’s pretty simple why cross-play between PC and consoles is just not a viable option, not only will there be an incredible unfair advantage on the PC side, a whole new infrastructure would have to be set up. First Person shooters especially are basically out of the picture.

However, if we talk about RPG games, cross-play may not sound like that bad of an idea. While there may still be some disadvantages for the PC side, it may not be that impacting as there might be in an FPS.

With the Xbox Scorpio release coming soon, it is possible to see cross-play between consoles and PC, mainly because of the power the upcoming Microsoft console has, an FPS gap can easily be bridged between the two platforms, and only the KB+M advantage will be left unsolved.

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