Looking For The Perfect Gift For Your Brother? Learn How To Make A Virtual Recipe Book

Looking For The Perfect Gift For Your Brother? Learn How To Make A Virtual Recipe Book

The days of social distancing and the motivation to be independent, have created a unique behavior in humans. From doing household chores to cooking for oneself, taking care of oneself requires some hard work. 

Especially if you are brought up in a household that did not make you disciplined to clean your dishes, or help out in the kitchen in general, cooking can be one of the most complicated things for the ignorant ones. 

However, technology is coming to the rescue, and while there are several recipes to be explored online, why not provide some pro tips for your younger brother? If you are looking to gift something magical to your brother, why not gift a virtual recipe book to get him started on cooking more than just the essential items?

While your brother may know the basics, there may still be some preparations that have fond memories or a special place in his heart. These could be your mom’s best-kept secrets that he will be missing out on! With families living in different parts, the craving is just all the more intense for a proper home-cooked meal.

If you are someone known for cooking up a delicious treat and always have people asking you about the recipes, this is a great time to start a virtual cookbook. 

With a few easy tricks and a free online slideshow maker for help, you can put together a virtual recipe book that will be the talk of the town, and your brother will especially love you for it. Given below are a few steps to help you turn your recipe secrets into a virtual recipe book:

Choose a Platform That is Simple but Feature-Rich

The first step to creating a virtual cookbook is to choose a platform that will make your journey a lot more rewarding and easy. The expert cuts, rich animations, multiple camera angles, and picture-perfect online cooking videos that you may see are not something that just happens. It takes hard work and knowledge of video editing to create those. 

However, you’re in luck, thanks to the many online slideshow makers that are now available. They are simple to use and have features that will be perfect for getting you started and create dazzling video slideshows of your delicious recipes.

Create a List of Recipes You Know Best.

Now that you’ve selected a good platform, it is time to create a list of recipes that your brother may miss. These could be traditional recipes that need some detailed instructions to be cooked to perfection or simple meals that are ideal for those getting started. Know your brother’s cooking skills and create a list of excellent dishes to get him started.

Next, put together all the recipes, steps, ingredients, and other materials that you will need to create a slideshow. The key to good content is creating a mind-blowing script, which, in your case, are the steps and tips to give a step-by-step cookbook! 

Highlight the Critical Steps

Once you are ready, start preparing your visual content. Divide your slideshow into stages to help your brother understand each one correctly. The idea is to ensure that he doesn’t feel overwhelmed at any point and can quickly jump a step if required. The ideal stages would be:

Pre-Cooking Instructions

The first part of the slideshow should cover what ingredients are going to be needed, what you will be doing, etc. You need to make sure your brother won’t realize he’s missing a few ingredients once he’s halfway in the cooking process. 

These could be items that need to be marinated, stored overnight, or something else that requires prior preparation. Additionally, if you will need extra equipment like a mixer grinder, oven, or other electronics that may not always be handy, it is best to give a heads-up!

The Initiation

The part where you get your hands dirty! Depending on the recipe, make this all about the cooking process. For example, if you are going to teach your brother to cook a delicious dessert, mention what he should be doing to cook a delicious one before it needs to be refrigerated or cooled.

Post Cooking

Once the dish is perfectly cooled, heated, or any other step, create some post-cooking instructions to add the finishing touch. These could include proper plating instructions and serving instructions.

Start Editing Your Material and Create a Slideshow

Now that you have the material you need, it is time to make it crisp, informative, and fun to watch. Start by adding some captions, essential instructions, or witty anecdotes to help your brother in case he feels lost at any point. For each step, add text and transitions to make the recipe look like a professional cookbook.

This combination of live video teaching and text captions or instructions are fantastic to stay focused. The transition slides can be used to create separate sections in the video, which is excellent to help your brother know which part he has reached.

In case you want to add some material that is available online, use a video converter to clip off the section and add it to your video. You can click here to convert a Youtube video to MP3/MP4, and download it to be used as part of your cookbook. 

Start Publishing

Once you have a list of recipes ready to be showcased, it is time to start publishing. You could create a private channel or group to share your recipes to be showcased only to a select few, in this case, exclusively your brother. The slideshows can also be published online for the world to see. Who the audience will be is completely dependent on you.

But once it is uploaded, don’t stop at just one. Keep adding to the channel with new recipes, and it will soon be the virtual recipe book that your brother will refer and thank you for every day. Along with that, it could also be your first step towards becoming a famous video artist.

Do you have any fun recipes in mind? If yes, it is time to get started!