Mafia 3 Guide: How to Wiretap a Junction Box

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Finding collectibles is one of the various tasks you do while exploring New Bordeaux in Mafia 3. But this may become tiresome at times you may simply want to be done with the campaign. What you need to do is find the Junction Box in a certain area and wiretap it to reveal the location of the collectible.

Wiretapping becomes available once the player completes the “Smack” Story Mission.

Here we tell you how you can wiretap a Junction Box and find the collectible near that easily.

How to Wiretap a Junction Box

Wiretapping a Junction Box require TL-49 Fuses which can be found across the map usually near trash cans, rooftops, ledges, underground passages etc. You can find usually find at least one near every Junction Box.

Now to the wiretapping part:

On consoles, rotate the left joystick until a green highlight bar alongside a white circle appears. Keep moving the stick until green bar reduces to its smallest form. The smallest you can make the green bar the easier it would be to complete the next step.

Once the smallest form is achieved, hit X or Square on your controller to confirm. Now a much larger bar replaces it. The prying needle will move across the white circle from right to left.

As soon as the needle touches the green area, hit X or Square to confirm. The rest will be done by automated animation or Clay.

After doing this, the collectible location will be updated on the map and you can find it easily.

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