Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: How to Get Ultra Rare Weapons Early

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Mass Effect Andromeda is developed by Bioware. This action role-playing video game is the fourth entry in the Mass Effect game series. The special thing about this games is that it is the first one with a storyline not connected to the original trilogy. The player plays as Sara or Scott Ryder and joins the Andromeda Initiative. He takes the role of an inexperienced military recruit. The game was published by Electronic Arts for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It released on 21 March 2017. Here we will see how to get Ultra Rare Weapons early in Mass Effect Andromeda.

An exploit has been discovered by a user which allows the player to get rare and ultra-rare weapons early in the game. This guide will show how to do that.

Mass Effect Andromeda How to Get Ultra Rare Weapons Early

This trick was discovered by a Reddit user n7_stormreaver.

  • As you reach the HUB, head across the area of Militia/security office to discover a BOX.
  • Stop and save the game before opening the box.
  • The weapons obtained in the box are random so you will need patience as well to get the desired weapons.
  • n7_stormreaver got the Vanquisher SR, N7 Hurricane, Scorpion, Piranha and Krogan Hammer.


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