Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant VI Drone Guide

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Mass Effect Andromeda released on 21 March 2017. It is the first one with a storyline which is not connected to the game’s original trilogy. In this action role-playing video game the player plays as Sara or Scott Ryder. The player joins the Andromeda Initiative. He takes the role of an inexperienced military recruit. The game is developed by Bioware and published by Electronic Arts for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Here we will provide details about Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant VI Drone Guide

This new Mass Effect game allows the player to use various techs and weapons. There is also a fighter drone at your disposal. Learn how to use this drone optimally and you will have no problem in taking out your enemies. This guide will explain about this drone, how to unlock and upgrade it.

Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant VI Drone Guide

How to Unlock Remnant VI Drone

  • Go to Game Menu and click on Journal.
  • Click on Allies and Relationships.
  • Look for Pebee: Secret Project under Turian Ark.
  • Go meet her and talk to her.
  • The drone is unlocked now.

Now, add the drone in the loadout. You can now call the drone anytime during a fight. You can even add more power to the drone under the tech section. Choose the right time to deploy it or it will be destroyed.

How to Upgrade Remnant VI Drone

  • Go to Skills and click on Tech.
  • There are around 6 ranks for the Remnant VI.
  • Each rank adds an extra ability to the drone.

Here are the Remnant VI Ranks

Rank 1

It is the default rank. It is capable of repairing itself in 24 seconds after sustaining critical damage. Base health is 500 and Beam Damage per second is 60.

Rank 2

Offers a 15% Health Boost and costs 2 points.

Rank 3

Offers a 15% Beam Damage Boost and costs 2 points.

Rank 4

You have two options. For 4 points, you can get a 40% health regeneration capacity and a 30% boost in Health Regeneration Delay Reductions. Or, for the same 4 points, you can get a 40% boost in recharge speed.

Rank 5

Two options again. For 5 points, get a 30% boost in beam damage or get 100% health.

Rank 6

Two options. For 6 points, you get missile damage as 90, missile damage radius as 2.5m and missile frequency as 10 seconds. Or for the same 6 points, you can get 25% Shield Damage Bonus with a 15% boost in Synthetic Damage Bonus and 1 second of Stun Duration.

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