Metal Gear Online Update 1.02 released, Upcoming DLC Adds new maps, Survival and more

Metal Gear Online Update 1.02

Konami has announced that Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain’s multiplayer mode will be getting new content soon.

The developer has planned new DLC for Metal Gear Online which promises additional maps, a Survival mode and more. The Survival mode was also featured in previous Metal Gear games.

Konami has also released the Metal Gear Online Update 1.02 that makes leveling up a much easier job. This means that the required amount of XP has been reduced for each level. The weapon values are tweaked and adjustments were also made to the Stun Grenade.

The patch fixes the temporary blinding issue during explosions.

Konami has planned future updates that will make changes to the character revive system and also introduce MGO T shirts. The MGO T shirts, this time, will be customizable with colors and patterns.

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