Metroid Dread Takes You on a Hunt to Planet ZDR, Introduces Stealth Elements

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Metroid Dread is the newest game in the action-adventure game series Metroid for Nintendo Switch. It was announced during the company’s conference at E3 2021 with a gameplay trailer and release date now is set to October 8th, 2021.

It will be the first new story in 19 years, in this classic video game series. After being canceled a few times, the game will end the “Metroid Dread” over the little alien creatures.

Series producer Yoshio Sakamoto explained at the conference that the Metroid Dread concept emerged 15 years ago, and the game was even leaked and canceled a few times. The project got off the ground when Mercury Steam Entertainment, the studio that produced Metroid: Samus Returns, took over the development of the new title.

Metroid Dread Gameplay

It is an action platformer with traditional two-dimensional levels, even if the modern 3D graphics no longer have much in common with the pixel look of the time Has.

In the new game, players will step into the role of bounty hunter Samus Aran, as they explore a planet full of hostile creatures. It includes the new EMMI robots that add a new dread ( dread ) to the world of Metroid.

The story takes place on an unknown planet called ZDR, which has sent a mysterious message to the Galactic Federation. The EMMI robots, in turn, were the Federation’s DNA collection machines. But they have been reprogrammed as killer robots, and Samus must find out who is responsible for this. None of Samus’ weapons can harm the robots. And she needs to avoid making noise; so they don’t chase her and using her new Phantom Cloak ability to keep them from seeing her.

In terms of play, Metroid Dread should essentially stay close to the classics. But Samus should be significantly more agile and also have several new skills. Nothing should change in the typical Metroidvania level design, which allows you a relatively large amount of freedom when exploring. But you only progress at specific points if you have certain skills or objects.

The classic action and exploration of the Metroid series are still present, according to the producer. In addition, the team refined elements introduced in Metroid: Samus Returns, such as the ability to freely aim with Free Aim and the Melee Counter. It allows you to counter some hits from enemies. There are some new moves, such as the Slide.

It allows you to glide through tight areas. And the Spider Magnet ability, which can be obtained to grab and climb on certain surfaces.


On October 8, Metroid Dread will be releasing exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. You can now pre-order the action platformer on Amazon. The action platformer has been available for pre-order for a long time. But it is now available at Amazon at a reduced price. Instead of the recommended retail price of 59.99 dollars, you now only pay 51.99 dollars. When you consider that, first-party games from Nintendo often don’t get much cheaper long after they’ve been released, that’s a pretty good deal.

For pre-orders, Amazon usually delivers on time for the day of publication. There is a price guarantee. It means: If the price continues to fall before the day of publication, you will get the lower price, and the difference will automatically refund to you.