Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite Console Launched

Xbox One Elite Console

Microsoft launched the Xbox One Elite console recently. It is the new and more powerful Xbox one console. Let’s see the prominent features of the console.

Xbox One Elite Console Features:

  • 1TB solid state hybrid drive
  • 20 percent faster boot up time from standby
  • New Xbox One Elite Controller
  • Matte finish
  • All identical ports
  • Comes with headset
  • Braided USB cable

The most important addition to the new Xbox One is the new Elite Controller.

The Elite Controller Features:

  • Better thumb-sticks
  • Allows customization of sensitivity of the joysticks and trigger buttons
  • 4 removable paddles which can be mapped to buttons, makes it easy for you to jump around or operate gears and clutch, depending upon the game you play
  • Costs $150

The new Xbox One Elite Console is perfect for anyone who spends hours playing on Xbox One. The new console has comfortable handling and is considerably faster. It makes your Xbox one experience much more enjoyable.