Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 5 Best Easter Eggs

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, a first-person open-world action-adventure platform game, is developed by EA DICE. It is published by Electronic Arts. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a reboot of Mirror’s Edge released in 2008. The game released in June 2016 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The story is about Faith’s origin and her mission to bring down a totalitarian conglomerate of corporations who rule the city of Glass. Let’s see in this Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 5 Best Easter Eggs guide, what all eater eggs have been found till now.

Here are Mirror’s Edge Catalyst 5 Best Easter Eggs.


The Bad Company Is Back

  • It is the first Surveillance Recording Easter egg found late in the story.
  • The recording is called “Omnistat Gold #01”.
  • It has three familiar voices from the Battlefield: Bad Company series.
  • In the audio, you can hear that the three main protagonists Haggard, Redford, and Sweetwater return. And they discuss about instead of living their lives as government security officers, they choose to hunt.

Augmented Reality – Beatlink Secrets

  • Faith acquires a Beatlink which is a contact lens in the early stage of the campaign.
  • This contact lens displays all kinds of useful information and also serve as the HUD while running across the city of Glass.


Giant Rat Returns (Sorta…)

  • The giant sized rat returns in Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst.
  • And you see this text randomly on the loading screen:
    • If you see a rat the size of a car, you’re playing the wrong game.
  • Now the means that in the original Mirror’s Edge, there is a Easter egg featuring a normal-sized rat running through the miniature backgrounds of the city.

Mirror’s Edge 1 – Classic Maintenance Room

  • Faith enters a small engineering room through the stairwell that leads up to Birdman’s location.
  • This room is identical to a room in the original Mirror’s Edge with same layout, top vent, and the secret message bag in the corner to the right and the scrawled message.
  • You will also find the classic Mirror’s Edge logo in this room.

Noah’s Safe House Songs

  • You will find the Jutebox which features the Chvches theme song to Catalyst. 
  • It also has other tracks from the modern game.
  • You will also find the Yellow bags and Faith’s running shoes scattered around the safe house.
  • You will find Faith’s old friend Celeste from ME1 down below in the maintenance hatches. The old friend will be waiting near the pipes.