Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Guide: Defeating KrugerSec Enemies

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Faith Connors encounters different enemies in the Glass City. There are five types of KrugerSec guards in the game, with each guard type tougher than its predecessor. This Defeating KrugerSec Enemies guide shows how to defeat all guard types.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Guide: Defeating KrugerSec Enemies

How to Defeat the KrugerSec Enemies


Weakest of all guard types, they are mostly found patrolling the terrace. Being untrained, they can be used as practice targets and the quickest way to defeat them is via a Slide or Knockback.


Stronger than Guardians, these guards are capable of blocking attacks and dishing out punishment with a baton. Defeating them involves using Traversal attacks and dodging with Combat Shift and stunning them.


They can easily reduce the player’s health to zero. They wield a KA-5 Assault Rifle with quickfire burst. The player needs to use focus shield in order to block their attacks. Stun them with sliding attacks after getting close. But, dont take any damage in the process as their rifles have a high damage output.

Shock Protector

They are an upgrade to the Protectors guard type and are equipped with shock gauntlets. Continuous dodging and being agile are the keys to beating these guards.


Masters of melee attacks, they are quick and perfect with their moves. The player needs to stun them and use Maneuvers to deal with them. Roll back when they are attacking as they are very fast.