Newest Warhammer Game Man o’ War: Corsair Launching April 19th

Newest Warhammer Game Man o' War: Corsair Launching April 19th

Man o’ War: Corsair is a game based in the Warhammer universe which takes us on an adventure out in sea, where you can fight monsters and other Warhammer races; while the game has been in Early Access for around a year now, the developers – Evil Twin Artworks- have finally put their foot down and decided to release it.

The game has already been quite developed with many major bugs and issues found and fixed already, we will be seeing a relatively smooth launch -hopefully- for the game. It already has a Steam rating of 9/10 if you still need convincing whether or not to buy this game.

You can watch the trailer below.

Note: The trailer is inherently laggy, it’s not you!

While the game does seem interesting, for anyone who wants a fill of sea-warfare, and Man O’ War: Corsair’s release may just be the convincing factor to make players buy it; the game is available for PC through Steam in Early Access and is having a full launch on April 19th.