Nex Machina Guide: How to Dash in the Game

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Nex Machina, a shoot ’em up video game, released in June 2017. Here we are with how to Dash in Nex Machina. The games is developed and published by Housemarque. Nex Machina is released for PC and PlayStation 4. The game had veteran arcade game designer Eugene Jarvis as a creative consultant. This guide shows how to dash in Nex Machina. The game has got some excellent ratings.

Nex Machina is played from a top-down perspective. You will be moving through rooms attacking enemies and save humans. The players will have power-ups and weapon upgrades throughout levels. Nex Machina gameplay is very fast so a certain level of gaming skill is recommended to play this game.

How to Dash in Nex Machina

Dashing in the game becomes very useful in the fast gameplay. Just press the trigger in the PS4 version. You can dash through enemy lasers, pink orbs and other stuff that the enemies shoot at you. During that short while you are dashing, you are invincible so dash often. But keep in mind that you can dash once every few seconds only so use this ability sparingly.

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