Nier Automata Goliath Boss Battle Guide

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Nier: Automata, an action RPG is set amidst the war between machines created by otherworldly invaders and humanity. The game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Square Enix for PC and PS4. It released in March 2017. In this gaming guide, we will find out about Nier Automata Goliath Boss Battle.

This guide will show how to defeat the boss Goliath in the game. The boss Goliath in the game is fairly an easy one. The fight is divided into two phases, both of which shouldn’t be too difficult. Remember to keep locked on to the boss and shoot continuously to keep damaging him.

Nier Automata Goliath Boss Battle Guide

  • As soon as the fight starts, Goliath will shoot lots of orbs at you. Dodge them all. Lock on and keep your drone busy.
  • Another attack which Goliath uses is its sandwich attack. It tries to trap you between its buzzsaws. Dodge this attack.
  • Another attack which it uses is it raises both or one of its arms and hits you with it. This one is a simple attack to dodge. Keep this strategy of dodging and attacking till you see 9S come in.


  • After this, Goliath gets new attacks. When the boss disappears, run towards the camera to avoid damage.
  • It will attack with a smash attack which you can dodge only by jumping in the air.
  • Then, attack the boss till you defeat him.


  • In the second phase, Goliath gains even more attacks. It can fire homing missiles.
  • Dodge them by running in any direction.
  • It also has a vertical slash attack which can be easily dodged as well.
  • It also attacks with a beam but you can see it coming from a mile away so it is easy to dodge as well.
  • When it opens its mouth, it’s about to spread the entire area with an energy beam. Dodge this by jumping as soon as it fires the beam.
  • Its last attack is a horizontal sweep attack. Dodge this by jumping for a short while.

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