Nier Automata Guide: A2 Boss Battle

Nier Automata Guide A2 Boss Battle

Nier: Automata is Platinum Games’ action RPG game, set amidst the war between machines created by otherworldly invaders and humanity. Nier Automata was published by Square Enix for PC and PS4 in March 2017. Here we will talk about Nier Automata A2 Boss Battle.

This guide will show how to defeat the boss A2 in the game. A2 is a YoRHa type boss and is at level 22 so it is no joke. She wields a large and a small sword.

Nier Automata A2 Boss Battle

Nier Automata A2 Boss BattleA2 uses a horizontal sweep attack.

  • She disappears, and swiftly moves across the bottom dealing significant damage so it’s important for you to dodge this attack.
  • Use jump to dodge this.
  • She also uses a vertical sweep attack but you can see this coming easily so dodge this too.

She also uses a crescent attack.

  • She uses her large sword in a semi-circular path.
  • Dodge this as this attack has a pretty good range.
  • Chip away at her health constantly while dodging these attacks and you will be able to defeat her.

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