Nintendo 64 Games in Your Cell Phone

Nintendo 64 Games in Your Cell Phone

In 1994, the Nintendo 64 first hit the shelves of supermarkets in North America. In a year, European customers also received a chance to enjoy that ultra cool toy. Its 64-bit central processing capable of providing the best video game experiences to users at a retail price that didn’t exceed 250 dollars. Nowadays, people seem to have forgotten about the retro video game console that once won the hearts of million people. Cell phones seem to have long substituted consoles and joysticks, and eye-catching MMORPGs and Android games seem to have overtaken such legendary games as Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda, or GoldenEye. Nevertheless, contrary to popular belief, console games have not sunk into oblivion completely. There are still plenty of players eager to revive childhood gaming experience. But time has changed, and presently, many of us like to play their favorite games any time the find convenient, which is possible on Android devices. All you need to do to start playing great N64 classics is to download a cool emulator and ROMs.

Finding an Emulator

We bet that you consider looking for an emulator a trifle. Of course, currently, everything can be found online, just enter the necessary query into Google’s search engine. You are right; still, not all sites are equally reliable and safe. Therefore, try to take advantage only of reputable websites to get your emulator.

  • To find an emulator for running specific games (designed by a particular system), make sure to type in the appropriate query into the search box. For instance, if you want to play N64 games, you should search for something for “N64 emulators” and visit the sites offering emulators for this particular console.
  • You also should know that Android makes it possible for you to download emulators legally from Google Play. Such reliable emulators as John SNES, John GBA, MyGBA, or many others are waiting to be downloaded on your device.

Finding Game ROMs

Now you got your emulator. What’s next? It is high time that you found cool ROMs for N64. Game ROMs are images of a certain console’s games or cartridges, which can be run on your emulator. To download ROMs of your favorite game, you should search the web once gain. Such websites as RomsMode, EmuParadise, DopeRoms, and RomsMania are there to help you in getting the best games for your N64 emulator.

Once you have decided what site to use, take advantage of the search box available on the site and type the first letter of the game you would like to play. After the results appear, select the game by tapping on it. Then, tap the “Download” button. That’s it! Now you have a new game to play on your emulator saved in the Downloads folder.

Anything Else?

You are almost done. Still, to ensure the smooth and bugless operation of your emulator, it is necessary to download BIOS. Once again, fire up your browser and type in “N64 emulator BIOS.” Then, go to the website offering the necessary files and download them. (Remember to use the sources whose reputation can be verified!) On the website scroll down the list of the offered BIOS files for your emulator until you find the one for your emulator. Tap on the file to download it.

Now you are ready to start your emulator. As soon as the program requires BIOS, go to the default folder containing the downloaded file and tap on it. Repeat the procedure, if the program requires you to do so.

Now you can run new N64 game on your Android!