The Nintendo Switch is a Console, a Tablet and a Handheld all in One

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[Image Source: BGR]

The Nintendo Switch is the official name of the next generation Nintendo console, codenamed Nintendo NX until now. Much like rumors pointed to, it can “switch” between being a handheld and a home system – using a unique controller.

It has two modules that detach and can attach side-by-side into a dongle, turning into a normal controller for a home system, or they can be attached to an LCD screen creating a design similar to the Wii U controller that can be used as a portable device. The home system itself is very small.

This device doesn’t have to be close to the home system to be used like the Wii U controller was – it’s a true handheld device; you can take it anywhere. The controllers can also be detached to be used as wireless batons (similar to the Wiimote and Nunchuck, if you remember) leaving the single portable LCD screen (like a tablet) that you can set anywhere to display the gameplay. It also comes with a regular controller similar to the Pro Controller for when you’re playing at home.

In short, the Nintendo Switch is like a mix between a home system, a 3DS, and a tablet with a wireless Bluetooth controller. Really quite unique.

All of this and more, including a brand new Mario platformer, is showcased in the reveal trailer. Watch it below.