The Nintendo Switch Needs New IPs Very Badly

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The Nintendo Switch announcement came with exciting, refreshing technology from and some cool game teases. Though it was nice to see Skyrim Remastered footage (even though it’s not yet confirmed for the system), but on the Nintendo side, it was just Mario and Zelda again.

One the one hand, the portfolio of third-party publishers are ready to jump into the Switch is impressive. Lots of great names that hadn’t truly worked with Nintendo before like From Software and Telltale Games. It would certainly be a big improvement over the Wii U’s post-apocalyptic wasteland of third party games. That said, Nintendo needs to pull something out its hat beside Mario and Zelda. It’s been too many years.

This reveal trailer was a great opportunity to tease some of the first games being developed on the new system. Nintendo used it to show a very traditional-looking Mario platformer that looks much better than the last entry (Mario Next-Gen, if you will), Zelda: Breath of the Wild which has been in development for ages, to the point of switching platforms; and Mario Kart. It’s all so underwhelming.

Let’s see some original intellectual properties come out of the Nintendo Switch. Something that can only be done with this innovative technology, a true switch.