Nintendo Switch Online in 2021 and How to Get Started

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Nintendo switch online 

In this guide, we will talk about Nintendo Switch Online and the cost of subscription plans, what they offer, how to subscribe, benefits, and above all, how to cancel the subscription.

Are you a fan of Mario Kart, Splatoon, or Luigi’s Mansion? The time has come to virtually reunite with friends from worldwide and kickstart intense gaming sessions.

What is Nintendo Switch Online?

Nintendo Switch Online is a subscription service that allows all registered users to enjoy online gaming in compatible Nintendo Switch titles. It is a paid service that gives you access to a wide selection of classic games for the NES and SNES with new online features. It allows you to back up your saved data for most games and use new features for the game.

What is the cost of Nintendo Switch online?

When purchasing Nintendo Switch Online, you can decide whether to make an individual registration, or for a single account, or family. If you opt for the second option, up to eight Accounts can use the same subscription. Prices are as follows:

  • 30-day plan for $ 3.99 (1 Account)
  • Three months’ plan for $ 7.99 (1 Account)
  • 12 months plan individual registration for $ 19.99 (1 account)
  • 12 months’ plan family option for $ 34.99 (8 Accounts)

How can I subscribe?

There are several options to subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online. You can become a member directly through the console, on the official Nintendo website, or from selected retailers or online stores.

Subscribe using the Nintendo Switch console

If you wish to purchase the subscription using your Nintendo Switch console, visit the “Nintendo Switch Online” section on the left side of the Nintendo eShop. By registering in this way, you will get a 7-day free trial. But only if you are purchasing an individual subscription.

Subscribe by visiting the official Nintendo website

To subscribe to the subscription service via the official Nintendo website, visit this link:

  • Subscribe on the official Nintendo website

Before proceeding with the purchase, it is essential to keep in mind to log in with the correct Nintendo Account. We also remind you that the Nintendo Switch Online subscription includes automatic renewal, which can be interrupted at any time by clicking on the “Nintendo Switch Online” item in the Nintendo eShop or Nintendo Account settings menu. Once interrupted, automatic renewal cannot reactivate.

Subscribe to selected online retailers

You can also purchase Switch Online subscription cards from select retailers and online stores. Once you have made your purchase, all you have to do is turn on your Nintendo Switch console and enter the code shown on the card in the Nintendo eShop, under “Redeem Codes.”

What are the benefits of Nintendo Switch Online?

The Switch Online subscription gives you access to a long series of exclusive benefits. Specifically, the advantages consist of:

  • Online Play and Nintendo Switch Online App
  • Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Exclusive Games for Members
  • Save Game Data on Cloud
  • Exclusive offers for members (NES controllers)

How to cancel your subscription

To unsubscribe from Nintendo Switch Online, disable the automatic renewal setting. And the service will terminate at the end of the current validity period. To do this, go to the “Nintendo Switch Online” section of the Nintendo eShop or Nintendo Account settings menu and follow the instructions on the screen. It is important to remember to turn off automatic renewal at least 48 before your membership expires.

Once unsubscribed, it will no longer be possible to play online with most Nintendo Switch titles, which necessarily require a subscription. In addition, the cloud backup of your saves will no longer be available, although you can always continue to use the data saved in the memory of your console. Finally, all the NES and SNES securities included in the subscription will no longer be available.