Nintendo Switch Pre-orders Higher Than PS4: Webhallen Sverige

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Swedish retailer, Webhallen Sverige has claimed that the Pre-order requests for Nintendo Switch have surpassed that of PS4 at launch.

Sharing the news on the official Facebook page, the retailer hopes that this will be Nintendo’s year.

“We can see that Nintendo Switch has more advanced bookings than the PlayStation 4 release. The first shipment to release in March is already fully booked, but we recommend that you stand in line for the coveted console, to secure your allocation from the supplies that come in the days and weeks after the release date.”

Switch is the most interesting release from Nintendo in recent years. Unlike its predecessor, many publishers have responded positively. Hundreds of titles including a customized FIFA Experience are promised for the new platform. This is certainly a good sign for the Japan based giant.

Nintendo Switch is slated for a March 3rd release this year and is priced at $299.99. However the recent Trade Tariff from Trump administration may see a rise in console prices in USA. You can read about it here.

Are you picking yourself a unit later when the console releases? Or would you rather assemble a gaming PC?