Nintendo Switch’s Upcoming Game Owlboy is an Acclaimed Platformer

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In the latest episode of Nintendo Japan’s latest show The Cat Mario Show, it was revealed that the Switch will be getting Owlboy, one of the popular and critically acclaimed platformers.

Owlboy is a side-scrolling adventure game and was originally revealed only for the PC back in 2016, with development starting 10 years ago in 2007. The player goes through an amazingly detailed, scenic landscape playing as Octus, the heroic owl person who wants to save his village from the band of invading sky pirates.

The game’s design is quite complex and each and every one feel custom made. Navigating through the stages, you will be able to team up with a slew of different characters and use their special abilities to fight special bosses and enemies as he flies them through the air majestically.

Even though the game took around 9 years to be fully developed, it was extremely popular in the community and got an incredible high rating from critics and reviewers.

While the game is currently still on the PC, there will be a Nintendo Switch release for Owlboy. There haven’t been much details about this upcoming Switch title, and we don’t know the exact release date or the price as of now.

Although we find it amazing that the Switch is getting game releases, we’re extremely tired of the long wait times between them. It’s been many months since the console was out in the market and the only major first party games (or even third party for that matter) are Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Binding of Isaac: Aftermath+ and now Owlboy.

The porting/development cycle for the console is extremely slow and no major third party developers are currently supporting the consoles. Destiny 2 developers Bungie also said that the game will not be coming to the Switch.

For more updates, stay tuned.