Nioh Guide: Bonfire Locations

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Nioh, a RPG developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo in Japan and Sony Interactive Entertainment internationally for PS4. Nioh released in February 2017. There are three bonfires in Nioh. This guide helps you to locate all Nioh Bonfire Locations in Itsukushima. In ‘The Ocean Roars Again’ mission, there will be three bonfires. You need to light them to easily fight the boss Umi-bozu. Lighting the bonfires will stop Umi-bozu to spawn minions. Before you go on your search for the bonfires, go to the mage near the shrine and speak to get the Flint to light the bonfires. Then proceed with the bonfires locations.

Nioh Bonfire Locations

First Nioh Bonfire

Once you talk to the mage, next thing you need to do is cross the wooden bridge. Then turn to your right-hand side. You will find the bonfire there.

Second Nioh Bonfire

Speak to the mage near the shrine. Then cross the wooden bridge and just go straight ahead. You will find an archway, turn right from there. Then follow the wooden planks. You need to go right and then continue on the path till you come across a large wooden double-door. Get inside and go straight. Then look for a ladder behind a building. Use it to get to the roof and drop down from the gap. Then on the right you will find the second bonfire.

Third Nioh Bonfire

After you find the second bonfire, head straight from the gap and continue along the rooftops until you reach the end. Now you need to drop down from the right-hand side. Find a small sliding door there and if you go a little further ahead, on the right-hand side, you will find the bonfire.

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