No Man’s Sky Guide: Farming For Units With Gravitino Ball

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The currency in this game is called Units. They can be used for purchasing starships, making upgrades to the exosuit, multi-tool and the ship, etc.

This guide will show how to farm for units using the Gravitino Ball experiment.

Farming Units with Gravitino Ball

These balls are rare products of super gravitational forces. They will shine brighter if the player gets in close proximity to it. They are small, medium and large.

Note: Picking One up will immediately give the explorer a three-star wanted level.

The player must have a blueprint of Advanced Cooling Theta which is used to reduce the Photon Cannon’s cooling down time. Follow the steps.

  1. Land on the Planet which has lots of Gravitino Balls
  2. Get the Advanced Cooling Theta Blueprint
  3. Craft the Advanced Cooling Theta
    • Thamium – 200
    • Chrysonite – 250
    • Gravitino Ball – 10
  4. Dismantle the Item to Get a Gravitino Ball
  5. Stack them up to 100
  6. Travel to Space Station which needs Gravitino Balls
  7. Sell then to get Units
  8. Repeat the process

Note: Always Sell 99 to avoid losing the ‘Stackable’ One.

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