No Man’s Sky Guide: Finding The Best Planet To Explore

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This new game features 18 quintillion planets of different sizes and colors. The player can travel to any planet in any galaxy and each planet has its own unique creatures. Also, players can interact with alien races to know more about them.

This Finding The Best Planet To Explore guide will show which planet to explore first and how to grab its resources.

No Man’s Sky Guide: Finding The Best Planet To Explore

The best planet may be defined as the one with good resources and valuables to build and upgrade.

  • Sentinels

Sentinels are guards guarding the planets. These guys are the Space Police and it is recommended to sneak past them and not to engage them as in doing so, a wanted rating will rise and soon enough, the player will have to deal with the military and not just the police.

There are very few resourceful planets with no sentinels guarding them. Remember these planets coordinates and then do whatever you want with it, from mining to killing wildlife. Find a good trade route with the planet and make lots of bucks.

  • Goldilocks Planets

These are the planets which are at the perfect distance from the sun to grow human life. These are resourceful planets with high amount of resources and valuables.

  • Time Difference

Stay on the planet to see the other side of time there as there may be more resources on the planet then. For example. if a player sees no resources on a planet during the day, the player shouldn’t leave immediately. Wait for the night time and scout for resources.

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