No Man’s Sky Guide: Getting All Exosuit Inventory Slots

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This new game offers players a chance to explore many different galaxies and planets and interact with their flora and fauna. For upgrading the exosuit, starship, etc., collecting resources is of the utmost importance.

This guide will show how to reach the inventory limit in the exosuit early in the game.

Getting All Exosuit Inventory Slots

The first thing the player needs to upgrade is the number of slots in the inventory of the exosuit to be able to carry more items.

No Man's Sky Guide: Getting All Exosuit Inventory Slots



Make sure to check the Galactic Trade Network on the wall of any space station in the star system to sell items. Don’t sell the three starred items though as they are extremely valuable for the player. Go to the ships dock area and meet the person in charge. Sell the starred items there and make at least 2 million units.

Note: Avoid selling Suspension Fuel if it is one of the items starred.

Upgrading Slots

Exosuit protects the player from planet hazards so it is imperative to upgrade the inventory slots in the exosuit. After getting enough Units, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Land on the Planet which has more Plutonium and Iron
  2. Find the Signal Beacon (look for an Orange Beam)
  3. Craft good amount of ByPass Chips (Iron 10x and Plutonium 10x)
  4. Place  and Use the Chip in your Exosuit and Click Shelter
  5. Locate at least 3 Drop Pod Waypoint
  6. Use the Drop Pod to upgrade your Exosuit for 10k Units
  7. Repeat from the Basics

Note: Remember to Hit Save Flag each time your finish upgrade from the Drop Pod.

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