No Man’s Sky Guide: Getting Atlas Pass

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In this game, the Atlas Pass V1 grants the player access to many security doors on the space stations.

This guide will show how to get the atlas pass to open the locked doors in the space stations.

No Man’s Sky Guide: Getting Atlas Pass

  1. Look for monoliths in the third solar system. Once you find it, head towards it and interact with it.
  2. Choose ‘Believe The Atlas’ promise and get the location. Head towards that location.
  3. While in the Atlas Interface, talk to the Big Orb and select ‘Consent’.
  4. Now find the anomaly in the solar system by scanning. It will pop up as a purple icon. Go there and meet the alien.
  5. Talk to the second alien to get an Atlas Pass V1 blueprint which can be crafted with 25 iron and 10 heridium.
  6. Head to any space station and go to the side rooms which will be locked.
  7. Use the Atlas Pass to unlock them. The player will get upgrades for the exosuit and the multi-tool. A few locked boxes have rare materials like electron, vapour, antimatter and suspension fluid.

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