No Man’s Sky Guide: Learning Alien Language Faster

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This new game features different alien races and species in different galaxies. These have their own unique way to communicate and the player must perform certain activities to learn their language.

This Learning Alien Language Faster guide will show the fastest way to learn an alien language.

No Man’s Sky Guide: Learning Alien Language Faster

Three prominent alien species are Korvax, Vy’keen, and the Gek. There are three ways to learn their languages.

No Man's Sky Guide: Learning Alien Language Faster


Search the Monoliths

Monoliths are relics which the player can interact with. The player is then given a choice. Choose the right option and in addition to recovering health points, the player will learn a new word in that alien language.

Learn From Knowledge Stones

The stones are found at various waypoints and at The Atlas in the Atlas Interface. These allow players to learn new words in an alien language.

Communicate with Alien And Learn

This is the easiest way to learn their language. Follow these steps.

  1. Have at least One Stack of Carbon
  2. Interact with the Alien
  3. Get highest or second highest standing in the Race
  4. Agree to whatever the Alien Wants(For Example Place Oxides in Vault)
  5. Interact again and this time, if the Alien offers Fuel Or Isotope then accept it
  6. Interact again where you can either choose Units or a Word to Learn
  7. Request for items like Isotope and Fuel as it gives back you the Carbon
  8. Repeat the Process and learn Everything

This is time consuming, yes, but is the most easiest and reliable way.