No Man’s Sky Guide: Oxide Elements Locations

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In No Man’s Sky, the flora and fauna are generated mathematically with the help of algorithms. But they are not designed individually. They are influenced by factors like surrounding area, weather type, etc. This game has its own unique periodic table.

This Oxide Elements’ Locations guide will show the locations of the oxide elements in the game.

No Man’s Sky Guide: Oxide Elements Locations

No Man's Sky Wiki Guide: Oxide Elements Locations


Oxide Elements are one of the five divisions in the periodic table of this game. Common use includes crafting and recharging defensive tech. Oxide family has a yellow background icon. This can serve as an indicator when the player is looking for oxide elements.

Zinc and iron are the first oxide elements the player will encounter. Look for the rock formations. Zinc is found on yellow flowers on any planet. Tech like the Exosuit and StarShip shield can be upgraded via these elements.

  1. Iron – Rocks/Asteroids
  2. Zinc – Yellow Flowers
  3. Titanium – Yellow Crystals

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