No Man’s Sky Guide: Item Duplication Glitch

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In this No Man’s Sky guide, we will talk about item duplication glitch. Buying, trading and selling goods at space stations in this game is very important. This Item Duplication Glitch guide will show how to double your items dumping at space stations.

Item Duplication Glitch

There is a glitch which duplicates the player’s dump and this allows the player to save the items for travelling again. Follow the steps.

1: Collect and fill your spaceship inventory.

2: Save the game twice in a space station.

3: Fly out and Get yourself killed by attacking random spaceships.

4: After respawning, make sure that there’s a waypoint for your body and items.

5: Load up earlier of the two saves that you made.

6: Once Loaded the Save Game you’ll notice your dead body with items floating around.

7: Collect those items.

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