No Man’s Sky Guide: Unlocking All Access And Terminal Codes

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It is a vast universe in No Man’s Sky and hence, the player will come across various observatories, sentinels, etc. The player comes across a console which requires an access code when searching for the distressed signal.

This Unlocking All Access And Terminal Codes guide lists the access and terminal codes required to get the distressed signal.

No Man’s Sky Guide: Unlocking All Access And Terminal Codes

Most of the access codes are found near the waypoints so keep an open eye. These puzzles are randomized and need the perfect answer.

No Man's Sky Guide: Unlocking All Access And Terminal Codes

Access Code 1

The transmission readout suggests that, long ago, a distress signal went unanswered. A sequence of numbers has been repeating itself for so long that its imprint is burnt into the screen. An input box flashes at me insistently. If I crack the code, I can find the ship.

  • Puzzle: 99 – 92 – 86 – 81 – XX
  • Answer: 77

Access Code 2

A faint, but insistent, beeping noise can be heard from the operations terminal. A garbled distress call can be heard amongst it all, alongside screams and the tearing of metal. The only thing that’s clear to me is a brief number sequence. Cracking its code could lead me to the crash site.

  • Puzzle: 2 – 4 – 12 – 48 – 240 – XXX
  • Answer: 1440

Access Code 3(Vy’keen Observatory)

Images of shattered Sentinels are displayed like trophies on this terminal screen. Seems the observatory’s former overseer had a penchant for hunting these machines. Perhaps their time would have been better spent monitoring incoming Beacons like the one that flashes on a monitor before me. If I can enter the correct access code perhaps I can discover where it originated from.

  • Puzzle: 4634 – 6344 – 3446 – ****
  • Answer: 4463

Access Code 4

Images show that this Observatory was once a war zone. Mangled metal, scorched walls and the heavily decayed corpses of a dozen hulking lifeforms betray a brutal firefight. Now repaired, whatever transpired it must have happened before the Beacon that flashes on screen arrived. Perhaps if I enter the correct code I can decipher it.

  • Puzzle: 3987 – 9873 – 8739 – ****
  • Answer: 7398

Access Code 5

A pulsing red light flashes on the console. Below it a sequence of numbers repeats itself endlessly below it. It’s clearly a distress signal. It is a cold, empty and distant way of viewing a disaster that, in all likelihood, cost a pilot’s life. If I can work out the encryption routine, I could perhaps trace a ship’s point of impact.

  • Puzzle: 17 – 33 – 65 – 129 – XXX
  • Answer: 257

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